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Big Data is the data in large masses or volumes which has to be dealt with significantly. So, if you’re rooting to enter the Big Data field, Hadoop training could be a major game-changer in your career. Have a look at it.

Let’s look at some skills that you might need to know before hopping into this field-

i) Big Data Tools and Technologies

With respect to the roles and tasks, there are big data analytic tools such as-
Hadoop — for Data Storage and Platform Processing
Pig — Platform for Data Analysis
Spark- for real-time data processing
Hive- for Data Warehousing
Kafka — Messaging System
Splunk — Log Analysis Platform
Talend — Software Integration Platform
HBase- NoSQL Database

You need to be familiar with the above-mentioned tools in order to be comfortable with the platform.

ii) Data Mining and Warehousing-

Data Mining is the process of converting raw data into meaningful data in order to gather insights from the data. Similarly, a data warehouse is used to analyze data from varied sources. You need to have sound knowledge of the popular data mining tools such as KNIME, Apache Mahout, Rapid Miner, etc. along with Data Warehouses (cloud-based and open source) such as Db2, AWS, Cloudera, etc.

iii) Data Visualization –

Anyone who needs to turn into a Big Data expert should deal with their Data Visualization Skills. The information must be enough introduced to pass on the particular message. One can begin by learning the Data Visualization alternatives in the Big Data Tools and programming to improve their Data Visualization abilities. Some of the data visualization tools come along when you’re programming like Python has a special library called ‘Pandas’ for data visualization. Likewise, there are many visualization tools like MatPlotLib Google Charts, Tableau, Grafana, etc.

iv) SQL and Database Concepts-
Structured Query Language(SQL) is used for extracting data from databases and putting it to perform various functionalities on the data. It is intended for overseeing information in a relational database management framework (RDBMS). You must have a generous amount of familiarization with Database concepts, basically, the operations like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, and many other basic operations.

v) Programming Skills-

Having information about programming languages like Scala, C, Python, Java adds a lot of advantage to those who want to land as a Big Data Developer. When we study Big Data Tools, we come across many technologies that require some basic coding skills in different languages to be able to perform operations on huge datasets. For instance, Apache Spark needs to have hands-on coding in Spark for processing real-time data. Similarly, when you’re dealing with HBase, you must have prior knowledge of its operations and basic functions.

If you already have experience in Python programming, it can add stars to your profile because of the sheer fact that Python is widely used in Big Data, and as a developer, you would be having an advantage. There is a popularity for developers who are knowledgeable about programming languages or interested in coding.
The Big Data field has the future in its hands and now that you’re familiar with the skillset required, you might be able to figure out your career in Big Data. In case of more information, ping me up :)

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