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My Week-3 with Jadu Fellowship Program

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Well, as you already know from the title, it was another successful week with the Jadu Fellowship program. Many interesting things have happened since the last week. And despite being busy with the semester’s final exams, I enjoyed my sessions!

Starting with the week’s first session , things have started to get more interesting. We started with some basic stuff like CSS properties and how to include them in your web pages. But then we took a deep into the CSS world. We started discussing the CSS flex-box and how to align items in different ways. We also learned about different kinds of CSS selectors and many cool tricks that we can use in our style-sheet to get some interesting results.

If you have done some web development , then you may know that styling different things with CSS is not so simple. We have to take care of a lot of things to make it look and feel more appealing. And that was something that always bothered me whenever I thought about getting involved with some web projects. It’s not so difficult when you look at it, but it gets very tricky when you try to do some real styling, as there are many ways to get the same results! And that’s something that makes it more confusing for me. But man, I just loved how Arslan Khattak has explained everything so far. I mean, yeah, he knows how to make it work! I enjoyed these technical sessions with him.

We also had our very first web project! For which we have a make a simple portfolio/intro web page using everything we’ve learned so far during our sessions and put the source code of that project on a GitHub repository. Now, that’s something that I am also very excited about!

On the other side, there was another session of one of my favorites Saad Hamid. The topic for the session was Growth Mindset. We saw why it is important and how it compares with the Fixed Mindset by discussing many real-world examples. We discussed how it gives you a more clear vision of looking at things and how it stops you from being lazy and start being productive. It was very enlightening. And man, I just love the way this guy explains these things!

There was a lot that I have to process about this session. Every single word was full of valuable information! I mean, having a fixed mindset is something that I noticed about myself in many situations and maybe some of you might have that feeling as well about yourself. And after that session, I am trying to learn more about myself and how I think in different situations to analyze myself. I am actively trying to get rid of the Fixed mindset behaviors to make myself think out of the box and be productive in my life overall!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I am trying to be more active in my overall learning but having some distractions due to my ongoing exams. But still, I must say that I am learning a lot from these sessions and I am thankful to Jadu Team for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing community! ❤

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