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Arslan Ali

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My Second Week with Jadu Fellowship Program

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Well, It’s been two weeks now since I started with the Jadu Fellowship Program. At the start, I was kind of confused about what to expect. But it has been a really exciting experience for me so far! I have learned a lot during my sessions and the overall Jadu community has been very kind and helpful.

Technical Classes:

We have three classes per week. Two of them are technical classes. In these classes, we learned about the basics of web technologies and the introduction to front-end development. We learned about basic HTML tags and some of their attributes that are most commonly used. We learned about div containers and how we can use them to group items, and how we can use forms and different types of input elements for taking input from the user. Our instructor for technical classes, Arslan Khattak, has a very calm and engaging way of teaching and has explained everything very clearly and effectively. I just loved these technical sessions!

Non-technical Class:

The thing that I loved the most about this program, so far, is the other class on soft skills. That’s where we learned about how personal branding works, and what are the things that make your overall social personality , and how you can use it to make yourself a brand! And that is something that I had no or very little idea about! The instructor , Saad Hamid, has such an amazing way of explaining stuff that I just absolutely loved it! It was a very informative and fun session, overall!

Final thoughts:

Well, so far, I am enjoying these sessions a lot! They are very educating and I have learned many new things that would help me a lot in my personal and professional life. And I am very excited about the upcoming sessions! ❤

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