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Why is Laravel PHP framework beneficial for Enterprises?

techticsolutioninc profile image Techtic Solutions, Inc. ・2 min read

Think backend

Think PHP and no other web development languages.

Though PHP is turning into the default backend web development languages for enterprises, developers are often confused between the available frameworks:

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. CakePHP
  5. Zend

However, the experienced PHP developers, who have tried and tested almost all of these frameworks often bet on Laravel.

Did you ask why?

Because of its documentation, migrations, database seeding, Blade, Elixir, Laracasts, and more.

Talking about its popularity, GitHub is one of the principal repositories with about 64,600 stars as of writing. It has a huge community and holds capabilities for building software that requires real-time event broadcasting, expressive and intuitive database ORM, a simple and fast routing engine, and robust background job processing abilities.

  • What are the Benefits of Laravel for Developing Sustainable Applications?
    • 1. Security
    • 2. Improved Performance
    • 3. Build Real-time Apps
    • 4. Ease of Developing Multilingual Apps
    • 5. Provides Efficient Traffic Management
    • 6. Has Big Community
    • 7. Develop Quick Web Applications
    • 8. Powerful Authorization
    • 9. Blade Templating Functionality
    • 10. MVC Architecture
    • 11. Database Migration Process
    • 12. Unit Testing
  • What are the Top Businesses Using Laravel?
    • 1. Deltanet Travel
    • 2. Neighbourhood Lender
    • 3. MyRank
    • 4. World Walking
    • 5. FusionInvoice
    • 6. Mortie
    • 7. Plan-Professional
    • 8. Wide Linked
    • 9. Remote Home Check (RHC)

If you want to know more abour benefits of laravel development for enterprises then visit at

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