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20 Key Reasons Use MEAN Stack Development for Next Project

Today in this digital era developing a web application requires a reliable and dependable software stack. Modern-day developers are utilizing a blend of advanced technologies to get swifter and enhanced outcomes through their projects.

Increasing the use of MEAN Stack is one of the primary examples of this scenario. MEAN JS is utilized to craft robust and scalable web applications. Let’s explore what exactly is Mean Stack and how it can assist your business.

What is the MEAN stack?

Mean stack is the compilation and synergy of technologies applied to build web applications. MEAN is used by several Web App Development Companies, and it precisely stands for “MongoDB Express.js AngularJS Node.js.”

How does Mean stack architecture work?

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The Mean Stack Architecture works in five stages.

Stage 1: Angular as a client-side language is the foremost one to work on the client request.

Stage 2: The client request then goes into NodeJS being the JavaScript server-side language.

Stage 3: ExpressJS is then into the process and makes a database request.

Stage 4: Then MongoDB retrieves the data and sends the response to ExpressJS.

Stage 5: NodeJS returns the data to the AngularJS to showcase the outcomes, and in return, the data is taken back from the ExpressJS.

20 reasons to use MEAN stack for web & mobile app development project

1) Free & open-source stack
2) Based on javascript
3) Trouble-free to implement
4) Extensive skill base to have
5) Delivers high-performance levels
6) Effective prototyping abilities
7) Involve lower costs
8) Boosts developer competence
9) Common language for the architecture
10) The suppleness of the technology stack
11) Turns code-sharing undemanding and beneficial
12) User-friendly, reusable & cloud-friendly
13) Straightforward data transfer
14) Immense repositories
15) Influential community
16) Real-time, interactive & engage users
17) Seamless project management
18) Simple to shift code
19) Command of infinite modules
20) Don’t require LAMP

If you want to read more about all reasons then visit Why Use MEAN Stack for Web & Mobile App Development Project?

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