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16 Companies that Use Node.js in their Web Applications

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Node.js is one of the top Javascript frameworks to build powerful web apps. It is a robust platform many proficient web developers are utilizing currently to enable their back-end development with JavaScript.

Despite being one of the best programming languages, JavaScript empowers Node.js to build dynamic web applications and that’s the reason why major enterprises are using it extensively for their multi-faceted technology projects.

Companies that utilize Node.js have precisely picked this framework as it supports the ideal runtime environment for JavaScript development.

Are you looking to build Node.js web applications and looking for inspiration? Don’t worry, we assure you that after reading the success stories of all the 16 companies using Node.js for their applications, you’ll be sure to make a decision.

Let us help you with the questions you might have before selecting Node.js as your backend development framework.


  • Is Node.js Really Transforming the Industry?
  • What are the Benefits of Node.js?
    • 1. Straightforward to Learn and Use
    • 2. Swifter to Deploy
    • 3. Highly Scalable
    • 4. Effective User Experience
    • 5. Extensive Community
  • Top 16 Companies Using Node.js in 2021
    • 1. PayPal
    • 2. Uber
    • 3. LinkedIn
    • 4. Netflix
    • 5. NASA
    • 6. Walmart
    • 7. Mozilla Firefox
    • 8. Yahoo
    • 9. GoDaddy
    • 10. Trello
    • 11. Groupon
    • 12. eBay
    • 13. Medium
    • 14. Citibank
    • 15. Capital One
    • 16. Yandex
  • How much does it cost to build a Node.js application?
  • Build your app with Node.js now

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