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Michael Lustig -

Yes I was referring to the legal clause.

Below is a copy pasta regarding knophy’s overview

all means, challenge me on this idea. I want it to be rock solid.

I propose a business model where all content is free. Every video, text post, and sound clip is universally accessible to anyone with an internet connection (and eventually, even those without one through free global print publishing funded by this very model). There are no ads. There are no tasks you are required to perform. No information you must provide about yourself. Nada. Zilch.

In that model, I also propose a way to earn points for demonstrating one’s competence on content. Put differently, the conversation surrounding content should consist largely of individuals that are discussing a common shared experience. The only way to ensure that happens is by imposing some limit. The only fair limit I can imagine is simply figuring out the answer to this question: "Did you consume the same content I just spent my attention consuming?" This is not how the internet functions today. The outrageous and the angry messages spread, drowning out those of human compassion and true community. The way to demonstrate competency and discourage the spread of those kinds of negative messages will be through taking community sourced and moderated quizzes within topic areas. Those questions will be sourced from the free content posted on the website. Evidence for correct answers MUST be objective and MUST be provided or a question is invalid. Care will be taken to ensure statistically valid questions are curated.

Answering questions correctly will earn the user points in that given topic area as well as gain them overall points site wide. Those points can be used to promote their own content within the topics in which they are earned, therefore increasing the influence of the demonstrably competent.

This model will also have special topics which will allow the user to earn “power ups” for earning that will multiply the points earned in all categories. Some of these topics will include writings about the underlying philosophy of this system, the technological details, a book that I’m live writing, and eventually will serve as a compensation mechanism for open source work that is fair and perpetual and will reflect the impact a developer has made on the system. If there is a place where I stand to gain from this most, it is in the ability to use this system to promote my ideas. However, I will also eventually seek to have others (or myself time permitting) create tutorials to modify and build their own website like knophy. The code is always going to be open source (, as is the business itself. I believe this is a fair trade. Imagine if one of Facebook's core goals was to allow for one click deployment of their website where they stand to not benefit whatsoever except to free the user to do as she pleases.

The prototype of the system will limit these topics to conscious individuals such as yourself, President Obama, President Trump, Lady Gaga, Jordan Peterson, etc. Content posted under that topic MUST contain their knowing participation in the first person. This kind of content will include speeches, interviews, debates, conversations, video recordings otherwise created, writings or any other content penned by their hand. This will form an archive similar to this one for Steve Jobs. The content will be more well organized, queriable, and archived permanently.

The quizzes mentioned above MUST provide evidence backed answers which will link to specific pieces of this first person content. Open source annotation engines will be highly useful. One that I've already discovered and begun using is called Hypothesis.

Content that doesn’t meet those criteria will still be allowable, but in a different part of the website, where communities can discuss topics in the third person. You can think of these first person topics as one’s intimate creations rather than anything created ABOUT that person. Later, the concept of topics will be expanded to that resembling the sections in a newspaper. Special care will be taken in the grouping of these topics, as that grouping will directly effect who has the most influence in those areas.

If the user prefers, she can sell her points on the market to investors, REMOVING COMPLETELY those points from EVER having any influence. An investor that buys points DOES NOT earn any influence in the topics whatsoever. This investment is simply that-an investment in the investor’s belief that this system is valuable and its value will increase over time.

Investors will be able to invest in a particular topic’s growth, a collection of topics, or the overall growth of the system.

Essentially, the product we are selling is a bet that people will value earning attention, ESPECIALLY as the platform grows. As it grows, each one of those points is held onto more tightly and becomes both harder to buy (caused by one's desire to earn attention) and easier to earn as the content base will grow exponentially. This perfect balance of the human's desire for attention, their ability to easily create and share in a digital age, and their desire for money will form the first purposefully scarce unlimited supply of currency in the history of humanity. The key is simply not allowing money to have influence in the system.

The love of money is the root of all evil.
Knowledge is incorruptible.

Thank you for your time. If this hasn't piqued your interest, I'm afraid I have nothing more to offer and you should be on your merry way.

If it has, please email me back or at I look forward to changing the world together.

I need help from designers, developers, people interested in dogfooding and really anyone if you're interested in finding better ways of making humanity function together through technology.

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Bernard Baker

Wow. I think you have a complicated task on your hands. But I'll leave you with these questions? How will you fund it? Keep the lights on?

I have to get back to work now. Bye!

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Bernard Baker

I think you should pursue this idea.