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Announcing the Twilio Hackathon on DEV

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) Updated on ・4 min read

We are very excited to announce the first Twilio x DEV community hackathon!

Running through April 30, this contest will be an opportunity to earn community bragging rights, build impactful projects with Twilio, and win sweet prizes. Twilio has some of the most powerful APIs around town, and we are really looking forward to seeing what everyone in the community creates.

Read on for more of the details!

The Twilio APIs

You are allowed to use any of the Twilio APIs in your project. You’re likely already familiar with Twilio’s SMS products, but you might not know that they have a bunch of other awesome products you can leverage for your submission.

So, while you’re very welcome to submit an SMS project, we’re also excited to review and reward entries that leverage programmable voice, video, chat, cross-channel conversations, and the rest of the Twilio products!


  • COVID-19 Communications: an app to help folks communicate during this challenging time, either to stay connected or to help resolve COVID-19 related challenges.

    • Examples: Social interaction apps especially for elderly, remote education tools, distribution of supplies to those in need, telemedicine
  • Engaging Engagements: an app that a company could implement to better engage with their customers or to manage their business.

    • Examples: text marketing, fleet management, account notifications, and more -- get more ideas from the Twilio website
  • Interesting Integrations: an app that integrates Twilio with at least one other API.

    • Examples: appointment reminders app that uses a scheduling API, sports alert app that uses sports-stat APIs, location-based app that leverages geo-location APIs
  • Exciting X-Factors: an innovative or unexpected app that doesn’t necessarily fit any of the above categories, but is a clear winner nonetheless.

Prizes 🎁

  • 4 Grand Prize Winners (one in each category):

    • $1,500 USD gift card or equivalent 💸
    • Twilio Swag Pack ($300 value) 😎
    • SIGNAL Conference Ticket ($2500 USD value) 🔥
    • Your project showcased on Twilio CodeExchange, with a winner badge ✨
    • $300 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
    • DEV “Twilio Hackathon” winner badge 🏆
  • Runner-up Prizes (10 total):

  • Participants (with valid projects):

    • $50 USD credit to the DEV Shop 🎁
    • DEV “Twilio Hackathon” participation badge 💪

Regardless of whether or not you win, your project may be showcased on Twilio CodeExchange!

How To Participate 👋

In order to submit a valid project, please follow the submission process and rules closely.

How to submit 📨

  • Join the Twilio CodeExchange community by filling out their program agreement.
  • Document your project journey along the way with the #twiliohackathon tag.
  • Submit your project as a DEV post using this suggested template with the #twiliohackathon tag. Please be sure to include the code repository in the post. Embedded live demos, screenshots, and code snippets are also encouraged!

Additional Rules 📝

  • You must include at least one Twilio API in your project. Use the promo code DEVHACK20 for $20 when you create your account.
  • Your code must be hosted publicly . We prefer GitHub but if you’re using another host (i.e. GitLab, BitBucket), please be sure to include the GitHub username you used to join the Twilio CodeExchange community somewhere in your submission.
  • Your repository must have a README with clear setup instructions - here is a sample template.
  • Your project must be started and completed between April 2 - April 30.
  • Your code must be licensed with a permissive license (i.e. MIT, Apache-2)
  • Your project should not have security vulnerabilities or violate security best practices (i.e. hard coded credentials, plain text passwords)
  • Your code cannot violate Twilio’s Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy
  • By making a submission, you agree to the competition's terms.

Community Support 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

The Twilio team will be available to help anyone who runs into issues or has questions related to the API. You can reach the Twilio team by leaving a comment in the Twilio Hackathon help thread. We’ll also be setting up a dedicated DEV Connect group channel for more synchronous help. To join this group, just leave a comment in the help thread. This will be a great opportunity to spend time with Twilio’s amazing team, and your fellow community participants.

Twilio will host office hours in that DEV Connect group channel every weekday during the following times:

  • Mondays: 3-6pm EDT
  • Tuesdays: 3-6pm UTC
  • Wednesdays: 3-6pm AEDT
  • Thursdays: 3-6pm PDT
  • Fridays: 3-6pm EDT

Additionally, Twilio will be hosting a weekly office hours session on their Twitch Channel, starting on April 2 at 4-6pm PDT.

Finally, we have a community update thread where you can share your ideas and gather feedback as you begin making progress on your submission. We encourage you to share your progress along the way to generate more excitement and benefit from additional community feedback suggestions!

Important Dates 🗓

April 2: Hackathon Begins!
April 30: Submission Due at 11:59pm PST.
May 4: Winners Announced!
May 5: Winners Announced!

We hope you have fun, learn some new things, and build something you’re proud of. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Happy Coding!

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


Editor guide

Hi DEV community 👋

My name is Dominik and I'm part of the team here at Twilio. If you have any questions around Twilio or the hackathon let me know. We love this community and the creativity you all bring. We are super excited to see all the amazing things you'll build and are here to help you all 💖


It's not right to allow commercialization and selling of people's submissions in your license. You have to stop this. Please remove this language from your rules. Exploiting entries for profit is a bad look in any case, but especially given current circumstances.

  1. LICENSE. You grant to Twilio and their affiliates a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, fully paid up, royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable license to (1) hyperlink to your website and software from Twilio’s websites, or websites from Twilio’s agents, affiliates, or assigns; (2) use and display your name, professional and personal information, photo, likeness, and your trademarks related to your software for any purpose related to this Competition ; (3) copy, distribute, sell, compile, revise, commercialize and otherwise use any Submission transmitted to Twilio, linked to, or listed on any registration form.

Twilio has no intention to sell or commercialize your submissions. We updated our terms for the hackathon and dropped the sell and commercialize from (3). You can find the updated terms here: twilio.com/legal/twilio-dev-hackat...

Sorry for that glitch. It's back :)

Should be working now!!


Thanks for raising your concern, @imgntn ! Twilio definitely has no intention to sell or commercialize your submissions. We will work with our legal counsel to revise the terms.

Thank you - I know a lot of this is boilerplate but I think you'll get more/better entries if people are comfortable that their work won't be commercialized or sold. Best.

Totally get it. We updated our terms for the hackathon and dropped the sell and commercialize from (3). You can find the updated terms here: twilio.com/legal/twilio-dev-hackat...

Way to respond quickly and kindly to helpful feedback! I love the mindset of almost everyone I've run across on this site, and appreciate you following suit despite the corporate presence! 🙏

Try to understand that without the funding from a corporation of some kind neither this Hackathon nor the internet, or IETF would exist.

If I don't have an alphanumeric to stand on please enlighten me. Happy to discuss this you.

Take a look at this en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_S... it might help you understand more about how things got started.

Hey Bernard, was this a response to me?

If so, I wasn’t bashing all corporations. I understand their helpfulness, certainly.

However, my personal belief is that the idea that this mindset you’ve described is needed for continued growth is aging quickly. I’m working on developing new economic ideas behind user centric DAOs, for lack of a better term. That’s all I’ll say on that point.

To clarify my comment: again I understand the usefulness of corporations. However, it’s getting more and more obvious in techland where corporations interests and biases and influences lay. As a member of tech land, I find this obnoxious if not outright abusive (of monopoly, for example).

The above concession with the removal of the abuse of power is refreshing.

Does that help clarify my point?

Yes it was. More information about your economic ideas please.

Please explain the interests, biases and influence.

When you say "above concession", are you referring to the legal clause?

Yes I was referring to the legal clause.

Below is a copy pasta regarding knophy’s overview

all means, challenge me on this idea. I want it to be rock solid.

I propose a business model where all content is free. Every video, text post, and sound clip is universally accessible to anyone with an internet connection (and eventually, even those without one through free global print publishing funded by this very model). There are no ads. There are no tasks you are required to perform. No information you must provide about yourself. Nada. Zilch.

In that model, I also propose a way to earn points for demonstrating one’s competence on content. Put differently, the conversation surrounding content should consist largely of individuals that are discussing a common shared experience. The only way to ensure that happens is by imposing some limit. The only fair limit I can imagine is simply figuring out the answer to this question: "Did you consume the same content I just spent my attention consuming?" This is not how the internet functions today. The outrageous and the angry messages spread, drowning out those of human compassion and true community. The way to demonstrate competency and discourage the spread of those kinds of negative messages will be through taking community sourced and moderated quizzes within topic areas. Those questions will be sourced from the free content posted on the website. Evidence for correct answers MUST be objective and MUST be provided or a question is invalid. Care will be taken to ensure statistically valid questions are curated.

Answering questions correctly will earn the user points in that given topic area as well as gain them overall points site wide. Those points can be used to promote their own content within the topics in which they are earned, therefore increasing the influence of the demonstrably competent.

This model will also have special topics which will allow the user to earn “power ups” for earning that will multiply the points earned in all categories. Some of these topics will include writings about the underlying philosophy of this system, the technological details, a book that I’m live writing, and eventually will serve as a compensation mechanism for open source work that is fair and perpetual and will reflect the impact a developer has made on the system. If there is a place where I stand to gain from this most, it is in the ability to use this system to promote my ideas. However, I will also eventually seek to have others (or myself time permitting) create tutorials to modify and build their own website like knophy. The code is always going to be open source (GitHub.com/Technoplato/knophy), as is the business itself. I believe this is a fair trade. Imagine if one of Facebook's core goals was to allow for one click deployment of their website where they stand to not benefit whatsoever except to free the user to do as she pleases.

The prototype of the system will limit these topics to conscious individuals such as yourself, President Obama, President Trump, Lady Gaga, Jordan Peterson, etc. Content posted under that topic MUST contain their knowing participation in the first person. This kind of content will include speeches, interviews, debates, conversations, video recordings otherwise created, writings or any other content penned by their hand. This will form an archive similar to this one for Steve Jobs. The content will be more well organized, queriable, and archived permanently.

The quizzes mentioned above MUST provide evidence backed answers which will link to specific pieces of this first person content. Open source annotation engines will be highly useful. One that I've already discovered and begun using is called Hypothesis.

Content that doesn’t meet those criteria will still be allowable, but in a different part of the website, where communities can discuss topics in the third person. You can think of these first person topics as one’s intimate creations rather than anything created ABOUT that person. Later, the concept of topics will be expanded to that resembling the sections in a newspaper. Special care will be taken in the grouping of these topics, as that grouping will directly effect who has the most influence in those areas.

If the user prefers, she can sell her points on the market to investors, REMOVING COMPLETELY those points from EVER having any influence. An investor that buys points DOES NOT earn any influence in the topics whatsoever. This investment is simply that-an investment in the investor’s belief that this system is valuable and its value will increase over time.

Investors will be able to invest in a particular topic’s growth, a collection of topics, or the overall growth of the system.

Essentially, the product we are selling is a bet that people will value earning attention, ESPECIALLY as the platform grows. As it grows, each one of those points is held onto more tightly and becomes both harder to buy (caused by one's desire to earn attention) and easier to earn as the content base will grow exponentially. This perfect balance of the human's desire for attention, their ability to easily create and share in a digital age, and their desire for money will form the first purposefully scarce unlimited supply of currency in the history of humanity. The key is simply not allowing money to have influence in the system.

The love of money is the root of all evil.
Knowledge is incorruptible.

Thank you for your time. If this hasn't piqued your interest, I'm afraid I have nothing more to offer and you should be on your merry way.

If it has, please email me back or at lustig@knophy.com. I look forward to changing the world together.

I need help from designers, developers, people interested in dogfooding and really anyone if you're interested in finding better ways of making humanity function together through technology.

Wow. I think you have a complicated task on your hands. But I'll leave you with these questions? How will you fund it? Keep the lights on?

I have to get back to work now. Bye!

I think you should pursue this idea.


Dominik Kundel I'd like to submit my projects with a copy-left license (preferably GNU GPLv3) this ensures that my projects or any of it's forks never get Closed-source.
Telling candidates to stick only with a Permissive Licenses is the same as rule (3), these licenses already make the project available to copy, distribute, sell, compile, revise and commercialize by any other person in the world.

Hi Rohit,

I absolutely understand your concern. Our goal with Twilio CodeExchange is to enable as many developers with code as possible and allow the community to showcase their projects. Ultimately it is your call under what license you license your code but since this hackathon is celebrating the opening of community submissions for CodeExchange, we decided to limit it to permissive licenses only since that is the limitation for CodeExchange and every entry might be added there.
Again Twilio does not have any intention in selling your work and I know it's not necessarily blocking others from a licensing perspective. Ultimately it's your call what license you put your work under.
We'll make sure to revisit the policy for the next hackathon we run.


Thank you so much for pointing this out.
Have a blessed day.


Hey Dominik :)

Yes, 2 questions:

  • Where is the best place to start to get an overview of all your API capabilities?
  • Where can I enter the promo code 🤣 Just created a new account and I can not find it.

Hi Michael!

You can find a top-level overview of all of our products at twilio.com/products. Since Twilio has so many different APIs by now, it's the best place to get started to get a birdseye view. After that I'd suggest for you to go to twilio.com/docs and check out the docs for your respective product to see the options of what you can do with the API. I hope that helps

You can enter the promo code when you upgrade your account. You'll have to add a credit card or PayPal but as long as you don't check the "Auto Top-Up" checkbox, we won't charge you if you use a promo code. You can find more detailed instructions at twil.io/apply-promo.

Happy hacking and we can't wait to see what you build!


Hi Dominik,

What are the expectations for the project? Does it have to be complex and fully polished or can it just be an idea with simply implemented? (I say this because I'm a relatively new developer)


Hi Waleed!

You should definitely give it a try and do as much as you can :) While we will look at the implementation in terms of judging, you'd still qualify for at least the participation reward :) If you want to explore some of the Twilio APIs first, you can check out TwilioQuest as well



Are teams eligible? If not, would it be possible to choose one person to enter our project and collect prizes for us?


Yes you can work in teams but there will be only one prize per team not per member. So yes you can code together but one person should submit it. Feel free to mention that you worked with multiple people on it though so we can celebrate you all!



Thanks to you and guys at twilio for organising the hackaton.


Hello Dominik, have a nice day.

What is the URL for submit my project?


Hey :) you submit here on dev.to. If you check the original announcement post you'll see a link to a post template where you can describe your submission. Also make sure that you additionally fill out the form here: ahoy.twilio.com/code-exchange-comm....
You'll have to do both to be eligible.

Thank you Dominik Kundel


Hey Dominik! Am I allowed to create more than 1 project?


Yes you can create more than one project but you'll only be eligible to winning one prize. Happy hacking!


Hey, i don't have credit card or PayPal account. So, can i just make the project with the free trial account without using the promo code ?


Yes you can absolutely start with a trial account :) If you hit any roadblocks please let me know.



Does Twilio have a cron/schedule API?

Is that new CRM solution from Twilio available to use for free? Or would I have to pay for that?


Hi Bernard,

We currently do not have a cron/scheduling API. Personally I use another service to trigger my webhooks to handle that.

What service do you use?

I personally either use Zapier or Azure Functions

Great 🤸 I got set up with Zapier 🚀


Hi @dkundel . can you give a thought on how to verify a medical practitioner ? does this kind of security is required for the hackathon? thank you.


Hi Paolo! That would typically require integrating with one of the big medicine tech providers and they are often not for free. I'd focus on making sure that there's some authentication method and pointing out that if this would be used in production people should swap that out with a different authentication method that is suitable for their field.

thank you for the reply, so for the meaning i can just proceed and consider that the 'doctor' is verified ? for this hackathon? sorry had so many question as this hinders me from proceeding.

Yes I think that's a fair assumption 😊

In the UK doctors have a GMC code. Which can verified on a website gmc-uk.org/registration-and-licens...

Every country will have one.


Hey Dominik, does Twilio Verify allow users to change the message template? The documentation doesn't seem to indicate so, but I wanted to confirm.


Hi Nikhil,

Unfortunately it's not possible to modify the message for SMS. You can modify it for Email though. You can find the docs on how to use Verify with Email here: twilio.com/docs/verify/email

Gotcha. Thanks for the response, Dominik.


Hi Dominik! Is it okay to ask about the grand prize "$1,500 USD gift card or equivalent "?

What kind of gift card is that? Where can we use it? Thank you.


Hi Dominik

My friends and I are keen on entering. We are a group of 4. How do we go about submitting a team entry for the hackathon?


Hey :) one of you should do the submission (if you are hosting the project on GitHub on a personal account I'd recommend that person does it). In the submission post make sure to mention your team mates :)


If i didn't use api or i did something related to COVID-19 precautions related animation kind of website that is applicable in this hackathon


Since this is a Twilio hackathon you should use at least one Twilio API. Also your project has to be built during the duration of the hackathon


I am very excited to help anybody who's interested—more on the ideas side of things than the execution. Twilio's APIs are ripe for this kind of contest 😄


hey quick question, Is possible to transcribe a what a user is saying in text real-time, during the phone call?, because the only thing similar which I have seen is to record they are saying and then transcribe that audio after the phone call?

Thanks for your help


You absolutely can!

You should check out our Media Streams API, it sends the audio data to a websocket server for you. Check out this post on how to live transcribe calls using Google Speech-to-Text.

Is there a python version? because all the ones I have seen are js. All I'm looking for is to be able to get a speech input from the user and turn that into text I can analyze

There is a tutorial right here on how to use Twilio Media Streams in Python. Does that help?

thank you so much for your help, but not exactly. from this link "twilio.com/blog/2017/06/how-to-use..." I am looking for the python version of the line "event.SpeechResult.toLowerCase();" If you don't know, its alright, I appreciate the support.

Oh, I see! You're using <Gather input="speech"> to get the text. Sorry, for my misunderstanding.

There's quite a bit going on in that line of your question. event comes from how you would respond to an incoming request to a Twilio Function (which is what the original blog post uses). toLowerCase() in JavaScript is lower() in Python. SpeechResult is a parameter that is sent to your application as part of the webhook request. To deal with those two bits depends on the web app framework you use in Python.

If, for example, you are using Flask. You could do something like this:

from flask import Flask, request
from twilio.twiml.voice_response import VoiceResponse

@app.route("/gather", methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def gather():
    if 'SpeechResult' in request.values:
        speech = request.values['SpeechResult'].lower()
        print("The caller said: ")

    resp = VoiceResponse()
    return str(resp)

In this example, the direct translation of event.SpeechResult.toLowerCase(); is request.values['SpeechResult'].lower().

Hope that helps!

stay blessed!


I need some ideas, because I know some things that I could do but I don't know, I feel blocked.


What jumps out at you as an area of interest you might want to cover and what Twilio APIs are most appealing?

Well I want to focus on helping to get their supplies elder and in risk people, basically that.

Did you come up with an idea?

What about using Twilio SMS to connect stores with vulnerable people. The store manager can connect with people and Samaritans to get supplies to them.

That's amazing this is the idea that I'm trying to work on.

Great 🤸

What tech stack are you planning on using? Do you have an idea or preference?

About the tech I'm thinking to use Nodejs, and if any frontend is needed, I'll use React.

Ok. Twilio has a node SDK 🌞.


I could use some help with the ideas. Do you have anything that you could share?


Think of a problem you might face daily. How could Twilio solve that for you?

Now think of a problem that others might face daily. How could Twilio solve it for them? I did the latter. I thought about how people in crisis might stay in touch with others in remote areas that have limited bandwidth or technical infrastructure.

With this in mind, how might the available utilised tech be best used to solve the problem.

Take a look at my project to get a better understanding 🧐.

Hope that helps 🌏


Any jumping off points, any hobbies/interests/etc. you might want it to relate to?


We're so excited to partner with Twilio to put on this community hackathon. Twilio truly provides some of the most powerful and useful APIs around, and they stepped up big time in putting forward awesome prizes.

This is a really great opportunity to build that project you've been day-dreaming about. There will be plenty of opportunity to get feedback from other participants, and you'll also be able to get help directly from the Twilio team.


Hello DEV friends 👩‍💻

I'm Megan, also from team Twilio! I'm super excited to see the imagination and fun y'all will unleash this month with any projects you create. If you have any questions throughout, myself and others on my team will be here to help answer questions about Twilio or anything else. Happy hacking!


Thanks in advance for your help Megan! This is awesome!


Hi Megan! Is it okay to ask about the grand prize "$1,500 USD gift card or equivalent "?

What kind of gift card is that? Where can we use it? Thank you.


Hi Carlo. The reason for this wording is that this depends on the country you are at what we can get you.


Does anyone want to team up for this?


I would love to.


little late but if you still need manpower hit me up. thanks


I would also like to join if you still have room.


What's up everyone! 👋

I'm Phil and I'm also part of the team at Twilio. Happy to answer questions about the hack or the APIs (or anything really 😄).

I can't wait to see what you're all going to build!


Hi Phil, I have a question related to APIs, what is the best way to filter data by the attributes, does the API allow that or just returns a list (all channels, all users, etc) that I have to manually filter?


The filters that the REST APIs support varies from endpoint to endpoint. The best way to figure out what filters are available is by checking the docs for your specific doc and opening the REST reference docs for it


Hi Haroldo, this depends on the API you are calling and whether it has attributes you can filter on. Do you have a particular API you are asking about?

I'm working with the proglamable chat API, and I need to filter by the channel attributes and user attributes parameters. I've read the docs but there isn't explicit information about it. So what I am doing is getting all the users and all the channels and manually filtering by the attributes (attributes that I defined previously).

Oh, ok. No, you can't filter by custom attributes on channels or users through the API itself. So what you are doing is the best thing right now.


👋 Great to see you Phil :)


Hey Peter! 👋


Hi Phil! Is it okay to ask about the grand prize "$1,500 USD gift card or equivalent "?

What kind of gift card is that? Where can we use it? Thank you.


Hey folks! My name is Devin and I'm part of the team at Twilio. I'll be your host for our Monday office hours block in the DEV Connect group channel. Super stoked to see what folks are building!


I just submitted my project that uses Twilio's SMS API + Azure's Timer Functions to send daily text message reminders to feed sourdough starter!


Very quick off the mark Sophia! And a cool project too! 👏


Hi. I have an idea that's been on my mind for a while which is a live podcast directory. Sort of like YouTube but for podcasts where you can hear podcasts at the same time and get access to the latest podcasts. It's not groundbreaking but I think it would be more engaging than the traditional podcast directories already available. I will have to get back into the Web development frame of mind and understand what twilio has to offer. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck


Darren, this sounds pretty neat. Let us know if we can help.


Do you want the $1 idea or the $1 million idea? Lol. I've been thinking on a few problems related to telephony that I am excited to think about tackling. I will write a post shortly about the pain points 😉. Thank you again


Hi there! Does anyone know if we're allowed to participate in teams? If so, how many? I couldn't find anything about it on this post. Thanks :D


Hey @jameshawkinss ! Yes, you can work in teams but there will be only one prize per team, not per member. One person should be tasked with submitting the project, but definitely mention who your teammates are so we can celebrate you all!


Ah man! Would love to participate but I guess I'll have to write my Bachelor's Thesis instead.... 20 more days to go! #computerscience


Best of luck, that's no small feat! What is your thesis on?


My thesis is on the development of an indoor map and navigation application designed for new students and visitors of the university. Its a PWA so that it is accessible to as many people as possible with real-time positioning available in the natively built app if installed. It's been fun to do and I learnt a lot, I just have to write up my research and report now. Want to finish everything so I could work on awesome stuff like this hackathon (especially having to stay mostly indoors nowadays)

To be honest, that app and thesis sounds pretty awesome! Good luck with it.


We're going to go live, soon-ish, with some office hours on Twitch. Come hang out with Dominik and myself as we chat hackathons and answer your questions. We'll be on the Twilio Twitch channel.


So here's the thing... You expect people to throw away their current projects, studying, etc. and rush to build a useful application in 28 days for the hope of maybe winning about 1/4 of the monthly salary of a junior dev. Wow, isn't that generous? What are you expecting?


Who said you can't work on current projects, study, and participate? 28 days is a huge window of time.

Also, hackathons aren't designed to be paying your salary. It's a time to learn new things outside of work/school, build fun tools, collab with other developers, and contribute to the OSS community. Nobody is trying to make a living off of hackathon prize money. If that's your goal then I think you're missing the point.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Yeah, why not, I'll finish my 9 to 5 coding job, then code some more, out of pure altruism and for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I do fun coding, that's my hobby since my preteen years. But this is pure bollocks. Spend extra time on promoting a company's products for the slight chance of a meager prize, just because they call it a hackaton? Miss me with this shit, I'm not your sucker.


Awesome initiative Twilio folks! 👋

My name is Nicolas, and I am a Developer advocate at Typeform, we are providing a tool to create beautiful surveys, and quizzes.

In the past people have connected Typeform to Twilio to send SMS, or sending emails with Sendgrid using webhooks.

Hit me up if I can help :)

We are offering 3 month free if you are building a Covid19 related project, learn more here


Anyone want to team up to do this? Preferably Fullstack JavaScript


Hey, what do you have in mind?


geolocation self check in dashboard with departure,arrival and quarantine stats of individuals. Community based to check the number of ongoing,outgoing people + number in quarantine in cities/villages. The video call integration looks cooler though

Sounds cool. I will like to partake.


That is my profile. Think we can work together?

Sure, I'll dm you


Hey folks, hope everyone is doing as well as they can be. I'd love to collaborate with some folks on this! I'm the backend developer behind WYA, the events app for Snapchat (if you've hard of it). I do a lot of backend, but have frontend experience too. Would love to join a team! Feel free to reach out


Stay safe everyone!


Here to offer manpower if you are still thinking on working on something.


If anyone needs an passwordless authentication layer. That's quick and easy to set up.

Check out did.app.


Thanks for the mention,

I'm the founder of DID.app if anyone would like to get in touch with me you can email peter@did.app


Hi, If anyone is looking to pair up hit me up. I am Frontend Developer from India. Mainly working with React JS. Thank you Twilio Team for arranging this. Excited 🤩

Happy Hacking :)


Hey!! I'm also an react - node - javascript person. Are you still looking for someone?


Hey all :).

I am a front-end developer that can use Vue.js and Node.js with MongoDB and Express experience. I would love to be able to find someone to collaborate with and make something cool whilst taking this as a great learning experience! :)

If I am someone you want to team with or if I can work with you hit me up with an email @ daniel.davies.dev@gmail.com


Hi Dominik, Phil, Megan and team

We want to participate on the hackathon (as a team) and have some questions, please:

1- We are finishing a development to aid on COVID-19 emergency in Colombia; an application developed with node.js/Express and SQLServer (DB dependant); the app is all in spanish.
/Question: is this project elegible for the prize? (we may document this on English, but we can not translate the app).

2- The app is intended to join the people finding help with those who wants to help, free of charge and without subscriptions needed. The app has 2 stages: A) front-stage: For final users who find help or wants to help; they login into the system with Cel number and then receives in WhatsApp a code as a password to complete the authentication process, (the code is sent using Twilio Api); after that the user may post requests for help (categorized) and/or may post to help (categorized too); all the matches between people is informed to the parts via Twilio WhatsApp Api. B) back-stage: For administrative users; they login in to the system on a different url, need pre-created user and password, and need to be on the right ROLE (app role); they manage categories, keep the DB info valid (post-moderated info) and on high quality and give support to final users.
/Question: is this project elegible for the prize? all of our code is open but we can not share it for free as a whole; we have no problem with people reading and using our code fragments, but not as a whole.

3- Since the app is DB dependant it can not be run in a server-less env or without a SQL-Server with their respective dbs.
/Question: How can we post or publish this kind of couple of components (code and dbs)?

4- The app will be deployed to AWS services this weekend for testing and demo purposes.
/Question: this testing env is enough for the hackathon?

Thanks in advance and regards.
Mauricio Jaramillo from Colombia

PD: nice API, nice service, waiting for alpha release.


What's up Mauricio. Your project sounds pretty amazing. Let me tackle each question at a time and hopefully this helps.

  1. This should be fine so long as you can document it in accordance with the hackathon rules (i.e. making sure that your README has clear setup instructions to run the project locally).

  2. If I'm understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you won't be able to share all of your project's source code. If the source code you open source fully complies with the hackathon's rules (listed here) then it will apply.

  3. Your project submission does need to be a self contained demo. So if that demo requires the use of a database, can work with a portable DB (i.e. SQLLite) or something of the equivalent, and includes scripts to deploy the database tables, stored procedures, etc, then that would be a valid submission.

  4. There are no explicit rules requiring the use of a specific test environment for the hackathon. So long as your final submission is testable (and can be verified), this should be ok.


Hi Corey

Thanks a lot for the info, very clear for us. We will be "running".

Have a nice day.

Hi Corey

I just posted our project to hackathon, i hope it will be elegible.

Not so much secure, our fist post to DEV.

Best regards.


This hackathon is a great ida. I'm interested in building an app using the Twilio Video API, for families to easily communicate and be with each other virtually during this time of isolation. However, my main concern is the cost of running such an app. The Twilio video api would incur costs that I would not be able to afford. I'd like the app/service to be free to people (with time limitations). I'm not interested in making a profit from the app. Is there anything Twilio can do to assist in this regard? Thank you!


Hi Mario! That sounds great :) Specifically for Covid we have a new grant for non-profits. I'd start by checking that out and see if you apply for that twilio.com/covid.


Thank you for the quick response! I'll check that out! :)


Hello everyone, I'm new on Twilio developments and have a basic question: do we have the possibility to extract Twilio programmable voices and merge them in any application out of voice or video calls ?
Thanks !


Do you mean can you take the text to speech engine from Twilio and use it in another application?

If so, then no, not exactly. The basic voices (man, woman and alice) are not available outside of the Twilio platform. The other voices that are used within Twilio voice calls are from AWS Polly and you can use them in your own application. However, for the purposes of the hackathon, AWS Polly voices are not a Twilio product and wouldn't count.

Does that help?


Yes I see, thanks so much !


Hey my name is David, I do react front ends and node back ends, I also code in c++, python and java if anyone needs a team mate, send me a text trough here or send me an email at d.mendoza99@unitec.edu


It would be a good idea to remove clause (3).

(3) copy, distribute, sell, compile, revise, commercialize and otherwise use any Submission transmitted to Twilio, linked to, or listed on any registration form.


Thanks for raising your concern, Bernard! Twilio definitely has no intention to sell or commercialize your submissions. We will work with our legal counsel to revise the terms.


We updated the terms for the hackathon and dropped the sell and commercialize language from the terms. twilio.com/legal/twilio-dev-hackat...


I would like to hear some thoughts about an App that is related to COVID-19 Communications.

I'm thinking about an App that helps to connect those people who need help (Buying groceries, Take the dog out, Get medicine, Just someone to talk) with those people who like to help.
The first interaction would be with a text bot(via SMS, WhatsApp...) where the people specify some general information (What do you need?, Where do you live?, What do you want to help with?)
and the app would match and connect these people.

What do you think?



This looks very interesting. I have two questions.

  • Are gift cards valid outside the US? Are they valid for online purchases?

  • I took part in a covid-themed hackathon last week and, coincidentally, used a couple of Twilio APIs. The project was started after the 2nd of April, so it seems to me like it does qualify, but is it a problem that I presented it to a different hackathon?

Thank you


I suppose we can use any language we want for this? I mean, we don't have to use one of the libraries they offer for Node, PHP, Java and so on. We can simply issue http requests in the language of our choice, can't we?


Hi my team and I want to submit our project to the Twilio Hackathon, however, we started it late March but other than that it fulfills all the other conditions. We are using Twilio to give latest info and news to users. We actually got the Twilio $500 grant to keep the service free for the users. We are just interested in helping our users by keeping the service running for free once our credits are done. Here is our website and initative: dev.to/marwan01/covid-19-updates-v... It's all open source, community driven. We even wrote an old dev post about it: dev.to/marwan01/covid-19-updates-v... Please let me know if we are ok to submit or if there is anything we can do. :)


Hey Marouen - Sorry to say. As specified in the hackathon rules your project must be started and completed between April 2 and April 30.


Hello all,
I've left my post about my project here :


Feedback and confirmation it's a valid submission would be invaluable! :)


Good luck to all the developers 🙋🏻‍♂️ who are participating. I wish I could participate but I think I need more experience in the development world. Hopefully, I will be participating in these events soon. Again good luck and build awesome stuff. Love from Kathmandu, Nepal.