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How to set up Nextcloud webAuthn.

This is the german tutorial for it.
In this guide we will show you today how to log into your Nextcloud with webAuth.

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This means you no longer need a password to log into your cloud.

First of all we need to install the right app.

App in the Nextcloud store

The app is called Two-Factor WebAuthn and is installed quite quickly.

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To configure it we go to this URL:

"" must be replaced with your own Nextcloud domain.

Going further down, we already see that we can set up authentication without a password.

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Here we tap on "Add WebAuthn device"

This is where our face is then scanned - assuming you have a supported camera. Most of the time he asks the face twice.

Then comes the dialog that it was successful.

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As a last step we have to assign a name and we're done!

In order to be able to use this tool, we have to tap "Log in with a device" when logging in.

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Image description

Here we then type in the username and we are asked for the face.

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to write them back in the comments!

Thanks, Schächner

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