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NPCI Releases Falcon: An Open source Hyperledger Fabric Deployment Helper for Kubernetes

Hot off the press!

National Payments Corporation Of India (NPCI) just jumped on the #OpenSource bandwagon by releasing Falcon - a Hyperledger Foundation Fabric Deployment Helper for #Kubernetes. It's a huge moment for India, open source & and #blockchain enthusiasts.

NPCI goes open source

Let's understand what Falcon does in this short blog post.

▶ But before that, what is Hyperledger? ⛓️

Hosted by The Linux Foundation - Hyperledger is a hub for various blockchain frameworks, tools, and libraries designed for enterprise use cases. It has a range of projects that focus on creating, deploying, and operating distributed ledgers.

▶ Kubernetes on the other hand comes with a suite of benefits in terms of scaling, high availability, resource management, and orchestration. So anything that runs on Kubernetes can take advantage of it. Hyperledger too can be deployed on Kubernetes, but has its own challenges.

▶ Deploying any blockchain solution on Kubernetes is difficult due to:

1️⃣ Complex Network Setup
2️⃣ Data Persistence
3️⃣ Consensus Mechanisms
4️⃣ Distributed Ledger Scalability

That's where Falcon comes in.

▶ Falcon helps simplify setting up, configuring, and maintaining Fabric nodes, peers, orderers, and channels within a Kubernetes environment. Templatized and customizable helm charts help deploy Hyperledger networks easily.

Current Features:

  • Chaincode Lifecycle Management
  • Channel Management
  • Peer & Order Creation
  • CA management and more

▶ But wait, is this production ready?

Well, Falcon is utilized across multiple #blockchain projects within NPCI.

While most of us relate NPCI with #UPI, it's great to get a sneak peek into the cutting edge infra power it!

Check out their repo for more details 👉

PS: They're open for contributions, so go ahead and leave a mark in making a global payment network that's second to none!

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