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Is talking with a recruiter as a junior dev worth it?

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This week on Tech Jr we spoke with recruiter-turned-dev Mike Torres about dealing with recruiters during the job search.

We didn't have much luck with recruiters as junior developers, but what about you?

Let us know in the comments if you've had good/bad luck talking to recruiters.

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To be honest...I can personally count the number of 'good' recruiters (in my 30 years) on the left hand fingers of a high school shop teacher. It has become a nasty spammy business. You may want to check in to explore what skills are being sought after, but don't expect more than that. I've landed 1 9 mo. contract in 30 years from a recruiter. Align your skills and goals with a company that can benefit. #changemymind


When I began looking for a job after I graduated from a coding bootcamp, I did in fact contact and met with a tech recruiter. We talked on the phone a handful of times, sent several emails back and forth, and met in person for coffee once. They were unable to help me find a job from their network simply because they work with larger companies and usually want at least 1 year of experience. They usually also have devs take a competency assessment to grade your skill level in your area of focus/expertise, and they want to see an above average score in order for you to be considered for a role if you have less than 1 year experience. The recruiter did not help me land my first engineering job.

I would recommend going through your own network and reaching out to them to see if their company is hiring. I had already landed my first engineering job that I had gotten the old fashion way (linkedin applications and coding challenges) when one of my friends reached back out to me to say they had an opening at double the salary. I got the new job and could not be any happier with how everything turned out.


Reach out to friends and acquaintances!


Personally, I haven't much luck with 3rd party recruiters at all over the years. In fact, my last experience was enough for me to not want to deal with recruiters for a very long time.

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