So, new computer up and running finally. BUT

techhead404 profile image Dillon Greek ・1 min read

New computer it awesome. Just upgraded the HDD to a PCIe m.2. Crazy fast. BUT I have spent 3 days now transferring projects and code snippets. There much be a better way. Should I start working off a external hard drive or what? Since I still use my laptop a lot I feel cloud storage might work good for me but I want to know what others devs do. How so you work from multiple machines or save your files for a full hard drive swap?


Editor guide

GitHub -> Code
Personal Docs -> Google Drive
Photos of the family, more private/important docs -> DropBox, Box, Google Drive, etc
Video games -> Steam or their perspective launchers.
Always use an external HDD, always, and a "file sync" tool of your choice. Daily or weekly sync.


How so you work from multiple machines

For things I don't have under VCS, I use Syncthing with a VPS node that I use as a reflector (since the systems I work from are not always on at the same time).

For things I do have under VCS, I use the normal VCS mechanisms (either GitHub, or a self-hosted Git server (same VPS node I use for Syncthing). It's rare though that I need to deal with such things from multiple systems.

or save your files for a full hard drive swap

I'm competent with Linux, so I don't. I literally just clone the old drive. If it's one of my Linux systems (as compared to my Windows laptop, which is only really used for gaming), I don't even need to reboot to do this (plug in new drive, migrate using LVM and/or BTRFS, re-install bootloader, remove old drive).

I do have backups (Borg plus rclone, with Backblaze for off-site storage), but I only use them for actual data recovery, which is thankfully a rather rare situation.


I'd get another drive, and I'd name it badger. Keep it with you where ever you go.