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I need that RAM. Current using 16gb ram and using 60-75% with my normal day-to-day development tasks. I also have an i5 and GTX960 4gb. Pretty fast machine but definitely not future proof.

I also have a 2012 macbook pro retina that im looking to replace with a high end dell laptop most likely.


Yeah my laptop has a i5 with 16gb of ram it's ok but it was time to upgrade.


What is it does it eats your RAM up? The IDE? Virtualization?


Surprisingly virtualization doesn't eat up most of my ram its mostly all the desktop apps that are chromium based now. My team uses slack, I use shift for emails (switching to Mailspring helped ram usage a lot), keybase, etc.

I would be super happy with 32gb ram!

Fortunately, RAM price is at an all-time low again. If you're in the US, you can pay about $130 for a 32GB dual channel kit.

There's a tech youtuber that I follow and he just posted a selection of great RAM kits on NewEgg. This is his affiliate link, so if you don't feel comfortable about it, feel free to do the search yourself - pcdeal.tv/2IJHCYB


I just went with 64 so I don't have to upgrade in a few years


Just a quick update on the new computer. ITS AWESOME!!!! I do need to upgrade the hard drive. Looking at the m.2 nvme with a 4tb SSD. My render times are a fraction of what they was. No regrets on the 64Gb of ram or the dual 24" monitors. Worth every dime!


Work PC: 16GB Ram on a Dell laptop. Mostly I do testing at work, some automation but not much application dev.

Home PC (where I actually do a little amateur Dev): 32GB RAM, Intel Core i7 4790K, GTX 970 GPU.

Screen: 28" 4K


Ryzen 7 1700, 16GB RAM - Main display is a Dell U2412 and the secondary one is a Dell P2417H

Yeah I do mobile game dev and hate how everyday someone ask if my game is on iOS. Someday maybe.....


I spend enough time learning code I don't need any more time to learn apples OS. But seems like a lot of people use Mac. Might need to give it a try someday


It's pretty beautiful that the mac is based on Unix* so you can use the same tools on your desktop and on your EC2 server that you are deploying your web server too. I'm on a 2017 macbook pro but I had a 2012 macbook pro until last year and I loved how reliable and speedy it remained all those years.

Dillon, will you use Windows or Linux for development?

*EDIT- Initially I said they were Linux based- Herb pointed out that macs are BSD based which is based on Unix not Linux. Thanks Herb!

Windows. I tried Linux but spent to much time trying to make simple things work. I do like Linux just to big of a learning curve.

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