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Statistically, I'm a unicorn...

as Black women make up less than 1% of professional programmers. I entered my Freshman year of college not knowing a single computer programmer, or that it was even a career choice, and yet, miraculously, by my Senior year, I'd become an industry-certified Java programmer. I was born to code...but I don't want to be a unicorn. There are others just like me who need to be able to see themselves in this field, and hopefully they can do so through me.

This is why I choose to work out loud as a visible programmer.
This is how I #PressForProgress.
This is my way of letting the world know that Women Are Here.

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Sr Developer Advocate @ Applitools. Director @ Test Automation University. Certified Java Programmer. International Keynote Speaker. Master Inventor with 25+ issued patents

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