My Differences Are My Superpowers

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I used to keep my ideas to myself because I naively thought different ideas equate to stupid ones. Overcoming that fear and learning to embrace my differences as a superpower led to 25 patented inventions!

It doesn't stop with me. I choose to be the representation that matters.

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That's an amazing story! I love it!

I know what you mean, I used to keep my ideas to myself, because I thought nobody want to hear a girl talk about maths, science, computers, video games, the universe and philosophy.

I was pretty lucky to meet really great professors in university that listened to my ideas, encouraged me, and asked me again and again to be their teaching assistant, and pushed me to go for coding competitions, because I was so damn good.

I think it was then when I was a teaching assistant, that I realised female students seek my help specifically on their studies and projects as they looked up to me. I realised how important it is to have female role models. And I remember how awed I was when I found out that Rebecca Parsons was the CTO of ThoughtWorks, and wished I had knew about her early. And watching Hidden Figures just made me believed that we belong here.

So I love what you are doing for young women out there! Thank you!

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