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Sales Marker Introduces AI Sales To The World

CrossBorder Inc., a pioneering force in 'intent-based sales'1 in Japan, has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in sales with the launch of **AI Sales*, the world's first generative AI sales technology, integrated into its Sales Marker platform. This move extends the reach of their innovative 'intent-based sales' methodology, which focuses on understanding customer needs through intent data. Sales Marker, a leading sales intelligence solution, combines a vast corporate database with intent data to precisely target companies with immediate needs.

Traditional sales and marketing often struggle with identifying promising prospects, relying on firmographic data. Intent-based sales, however, takes a proactive approach by engaging with companies where needs are evident, resulting in significant improvements in conversion and win rates. In response to challenges in the sales process arising from individual skills and experiences, Sales Marker's AI Sales feature levels the playing field by automating the detection of companies in need, pinpointing specific departments and individuals, and generating tailored messaging for seamless engagement.

This technological leap not only streamlines processes traditionally navigated through trial and error but also addresses challenges faced by sales professionals contending with quotas. The CEO of CrossBorder, Ukyo Ogasawara, highlights the pivotal role of Sales Marker in optimizing outcomes through precise targeting and timely approaches. The unveiling of AI Sales marks a transformative moment, turning underperforming sales professionals into top performers, and underscores CrossBorder's commitment to advancing the well-being of all sales professionals while showcasing Japan's technological prowess on the global stage. As the sales landscape evolves, AI Sales offers a solution that piques curiosity, promising a paradigm shift in sales effectiveness.

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