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I did nothing for a day

What I have observed

  • I was able to breathe more deeply.

  • I was able to notice things around me which usually I don't.

  • This is the pic which I took from my bathroom wall, from years which I didn't notice(sry for bad image quality πŸ˜‡)smile

  • My intensity of workout got increased and I was able to focus more, reason was no meetings to attend, no emails to reply to , the most important thing, no coding ☺️ !!

  • Played with my catBaburao

  • Planned to write this blog

I felt so much change only in a day, I will try to do this more frequently and for a longer time.

Comment down your nothing day story or if you have a plan to do the same !!

Thank you for reading :) :)

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