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Share a Git Meme, Make the Community Smile 😁😎

rachelagnihotri profile image Rachel ・1 min read

Hola developers!👋

You know how we all want to give back to the community but often don't get the time to do so?

Well, I had an idea: share a GitHub meme in the comments below, and that's all.

Because what's better than making people laugh? 😛

Let's get started!

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Someone should make this!!


someone make a repo that makes the branch history look like an actual chart with spacing and stuff


This is epic! 😂


May as well create one with my favorite current format

Astronaut asking "There's a conflict with my branch?" and another astronaut holding a gun behind him saying "Always has been"


Me when I cloned my first repo:



"memorize git command"? - do they mean memorize what you need to google to find the command?


Not exactly a gif or a picture meme. But I always laugh when I see this one.



One of the best videos I have seen today 😂😂😂