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Programming roadblocks

Roadblocks are part of the journey toward finding your footing in the programming industry. It's on us how we maneuver our way around these obstacles to get to where we want in our careers.

In this blog post, I will review five major roadblocks new programmers will likely experience.

1. Not knowing where to start

Not knowing where to start can be frustrating for all of us, especially when employing a technology stack we are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable with. To overcome this challenge, begin with what you know and gradually expand your understanding.

2. Focusing on the problem rather than the solution

We often make the problem tenfold worse by focusing on the problem rather than the solution. For instance, while skiing, if we focus only on the trees rather than the path we should follow, we will only see trees.
Invest your energy in the desired outcome rather than the problem. A Solution-Focused approach to solving problems can help you get results faster.

3. Being afraid of asking for help

Sometimes the bravest thing we could do is ask for help. Of course, we should first try to figure out the problem independently, but if we have to meet specific deadlines and are still stuck, we should feel good about asking for help from community members.

4. Comparing yourself to others

We should never compare ourselves to others, no matter what. It does more harm than good to one's self-esteem. We should always remind ourselves that everyone starts the same journey, with the same struggles we currently face, to get where they are today.

5. Giving up

The thought of giving up should cease to exist in our minds because it's okay to struggle and be bad at something to get better at it. Replace such thoughts with positive affirmations to keep you going. One must Keep failing until one succeeds, without quitting. Remember, making something extraordinary requires struggle, patience, and dedication.

If this post was helpful, drop a like. If I missed an important point, leave it in a comment, as it would help me and others get better at programming one day at a time. :)

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