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Amending my professional path

In Starchart 0.6, one of the features we shipped is implementing repeatable background jobs to process expired DNS records at reconfigurable intervals on startup. Additionally, the jobs get removed automatically on completion and failure after seven days.

The Process

We start by running a query that fetches all the DNS records from the database, with the expiresAt field set in the past. If the array is not empty, we iterate through each record and perform the following actions:

  • Delete the expired DNS records from Route53 and the database
  • Send an email notification letting the user know about the DNS record expiration.

The Experience

This PR took less time to get merged than the one before it, as I am getting comfortable working with the BullMQ API. However, I should take some time to review my code to eliminate any ambiguity or silly errors, which I end up realizing immediately after pushing the code to be reviewed by the project maintainers. On a happy note, Starchart has attracted a new contributor, who raised a PR that closed one of the filed issues.

Amending my path

Over the last few months, it's my observation that I have improved in certain areas where I had struggled for a good chunk on my programming journey, and I could not be more happy about that I am amending my professional path.

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