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Dimitri Merejkowsky for Tanker

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Tanker is hiring software engineers

About the Company

Tanker is a fast-growing start-up, driven by a team of 15 (and counting) experts in their fields: software engineering, cryptography, product design, management and sales.
We are solving the issue of trust in cloud applications. Tanker is a suite of APIs that powers end-to-end encryption and Key Management for SaaS applications, so that they can guarantee full data ownership and integrity to their users.
We provide developers with our encryption framework and key management platform (certified), as a SDK, enabling them to implement collaborative end-to-end encryption by design into their application, in a few lines of code, without any security expertise. On desktop, web and mobile.
We have recently closed our series A (€6 million) and need the best of the best to keep challenging current industry practices and become the new standard for security.

About the Role

We are hiring Software Engineers to help develop the Tanker SDK.
We are engineering a very demanding product which involves cryptography, various environments and languages, APIs and especially performance issues.


As a Software Engineer you will have the opportunity to work on many aspects of the product:

  • Our servers in Golang
  • Our core technology written in C++ 11/14
  • Native SDK and mobile SDK with everything it involves
  • JS (end-to-end-encryption-inside-the-browser kind of JS)

Skills and Requirements

  • You have strong programming skills in C++ and/or Go and/or JavaScript
  • Experience shipping production ready code
  • Studying Msc/Bac+5 in Software Engineering
  • Demonstrate success at working both independently and as a valued team player
  • You love programming and you can prove it.
  • You're a fast learner
  • You are looking to challenge yourself and be challenged
  • You will be comfortable working in a start-up environment

Bonus Skills

  • Background in security/cryptography
  • Any other coding skills in Python, JS, Java, Objective-C, Swift, or anything more exotic, we’ll love it.

If you have any question contact us at or @dmerejkowsky

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Luciano Quercia

Probably two words to say where in the world you are and where the job is located (or remote) could be useful.

dmerejkowsky profile image
Dimitri Merejkowsky • Edited

We are in Paris, France.