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Setup vercel with supabase for our project

Now that we're done with our supabase setup let's work on our frontend environment for our application.

Github Setup

Before we setup vercel, we're going to setup our code repository first, I'll be using github to upload the repository. Let's quickly make our repo, since we'll be working with Nextjs I'll be creating a Nextjs app using

npx create-next-app taskboard
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If you like to work with typescript you can pass the ts flag in the command, your command should look like this

npx create-next-app --ts taskboard
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NOTE: I'll be using javascript throughout the tutorial, this series will have add an extra part where I'll be porting the app to typescript.

Now let's make our github repository and push the code in our local machine to the repo.

I'll be creating different releases, so you can go through the different version and check what the code looked like in each of them.

You can find the link for my repo here.

Vercel Setup

For hosting our project on vercel we will need the code repository first.

This is how my project configuration looks like in vercel.
Image showing vercel page with project details


you can find the link for the application here

Integrating Supabase

We've successfully created our Nextjs app and it is deployed, now vercel, the last step that is remaining is integrating our project with supabase.
Click on setting tab of your project and then click integrations

You can refer this doc created by supabase or follow the steps below.

Vercel project page with arrows pointing to settings tab and integration button

Now click on Browse Marketplace and search for supabase.

Vercel integration page with arrow pointing to browse marketplace button

Vercel integration marketplace with supabase searched

Vercel supabase integration page with arrow pointing to add integration

When you'll click add integration vercel will ask for the vercel account you want to add integration to, select your account and hit continue.

Vercel supabase integration modal asking to input the scope

Vercel supabase integration configuration page with modal asking to input project name

Hit continue and then add integration

Modal asking to input supabase and vercel project name

Now when you'll click on your project setting and check environment variables section you'll see supabase environment variables already added
Vercel Project settings environment variables tag showing supabase environment variables already added

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L. Rommy Arbantas

So.. it just add environment variables to my project? That's it?