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Interesting Round-Up 1/25/21 - 2/7/21

Didn't post anything last week so this covers things I found for the past two weeks. Hope you find something interesting.


  • AnimXYZ - The first composable CSS animation toolkit. Pretty cool to try to add animations to your elements without much difficulty.


  • Tao of React - Software Design, Architecture & Best Practices - Great list of best practices you can be inspired by when doing your React development. As with all best practices, take it with a grain of salt.
  • 10 bad TypeScript habits to break this year - Loved this little list of bad habits and I have definitely done in my journey of learning TypeScript.
  • eslint-config-auto - Cool npm package to might make setting up your ESLint config a lot easier. This is like kitchen sync to cover linting all sorts of things your project might need. I haven't used it yet, but I plan to on one of my projects
  • Don't use functions as callbacks unless they're designed for it - Makes a great point of not just passing a function you have no control over as a callback to an operation your doing. But I think this also makes a great case for just writing tests for your code so you can catch these sorts of errors when they crop up.
  • npm 7 is now generally available! - The biggest thing I read from the new npm 7 release is that npm now recognizes the yarn.lock file and will use it AND keep it up to date if you happen to run npm install.



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