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One GraphQL API To Rule Them All

navinmoney profile image Navin Mani Originally published at ・2 min read

With Mesh, all the services you depend on can work together as one.

We love the JAMstack because it allows us to use the best services for our websites and apps. However, it can take a lot of developer power to combine and organize data across the services and then ensure that data stays in sync. Not to mention, we have to learn the particularities of each API to maintain and scale the app.

That's why we're building TakeShape Mesh. Mesh helps you make your JAMstack development painless and efficient by combining data from multiple services, synchronizing changes to that data, and fetching the data critical to your website or app from a single GraphQL endpoint.

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An illustration showing the data flow of TakeShape Mesh. It shows a set of web services connecting in to the TakeShape Mesh logo, then connecting back out to devices and endpoints.


Mesh’s composer is simple and powerful. You can now combine and transform data from multiple services into a single API stream. Combining e-commerce with analytics data has never been easier.
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Mesh keeps data synced between your services, so a change in one is reflected across all of them. Make each service into a source of truth and simplify your workflows knowing that your Mesh will keep everything in sync.
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Mesh makes querying easy by providing a single GraphQL API endpoint for all of the critical data your website or app needs. The mess and bug-fixing associated with many different endpoints is a thing of the past.
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