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CSS Only Retro Dungeon Maze Puzzle

CSS Only Retro Dungeon Maze Puzzle


This is a simple maze or dungeon escape game, with its functionality made entirely in CSS.

The main goal of this game is to of course find the finish line.

The main rule of this game is to click the horizontal or vertical tile beside the character. You may not click diagonally.

My tips for you in playing this game; Move slowly, you might get the key without noticing.


This setup is designed to be editable, and to become something like a game engine. As of now, there are only few types of tile may be inserted into the game map. Those are the below, and its usage.

  • S -> The starting point.
  • F -> Escape door.
  • K -> Key to open the locked door.
  • L -> Locked door. How to input: L_x-y where x is the x index (of array) of K, and y is the y index. Array is declared as 2 dimensional array.
  • W -> Wall. You can't pass here.
  • T -> Tree. You can't pass here.
  • B -> Barrel. You can't pass here.
  • M -> Monster. Don't go here, you'll lose.
  • space -> Tile where you can walk.

I made the images using Aseprite. I've been practicing a lot in creating an 8-bit or pixel art image for a game.

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