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Rethinking goal setting

tailomateus profile image Tailo Mateus Gonsalves Updated on ・1 min read

Listing goals is very important, mainly because you are able to visualize what you want in the future and get a clearer direction. But in reality, it does not matter if you have a long list of goals without a plan of action.

To achieve the goals, I usually have a few steps:

  • List the goals I want to achieve in this topic, no matter how difficult they are;

  • I reread the entire list and wonder: Is this item really necessary? If it is not, I just delete it;

  • With my list reduced, it's time to list all the small actions to reach the goal.

  • For example, if your goal is to read 24 books in a whole year, but still you have not read any of them, how about starting to read 2 pages a day;

  • With the new list of actions, we can create good habits and have immediate rewards and faster results.

I try to organize my life this way, for the time being it has helped me a lot.

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