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Prioritize the important things

Tailo Mateus Gonsalves
I'm also addicted to learning new things.
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"Do what is important and not what is urgent", this sentence is incredible, unfortunately I don't know who the author is. This may seem a little clichéd, mainly because I know that during the day things don't go as we want, often the train got off the rails and we just became another passenger of our own life, I understand you.

Is what we think important really important?

My decision was painful (I swear), but I removed all channels from youtube, most of the newsletter, greatly reduced the time of social media (almost zero). All this to get time for what I really love to do or where I want to go. Taking care of myself has become PRIORITY.

"Productivity is not about doing many things, but doing things right"

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David Costa

Yeah, I truly believe the same, I'm doing these things, but I'm still having problem on priority that code need to be done, for example. Sometimes we sped a lot of time doing code perfect. What do you think about it?