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Chantae P.
Chantae P.

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Week one complete...

I have completed week one of Month 4 of my journey.

What I learned

  • How to build a project using jQuery. I completed the interactive rating component. I know it's not used as much today but I was able to get better results using jQuery.

  • I learned about using Hyper Terminal. From my understanding, it's supposed to be faster than the terminal that's already installed on Mac. And also, it's built on HTML,CSS and JavaScript. You can even download themes and plugin!

  • I completed the debugging section on FreeCodeCamp.

What I need to work on

  • Using JavaScript DOM since that's widely used instead of focusing on jQuery.

  • My layout skills! Now this is where I really struggle. Getting the web page to look the same on different browsers and also making the web pages mobile friendly.

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Jeremy Friesen

Congratulations! Browser variation is a constant pain.

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Chantae P.

Thanks and it sure is