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Job Hunting Season: Month 4

Hello Dev community👋🏾! I am back with another rant about job hunting😫. Here is my job search summary for March:

As of April 2, 2023

  • Total jobs applied for : 47
  • Total rejections: 20...and counting
  • Total jobs that ghosted me: 14
  • Jobs applied to between March 1st and April 2nd: 13 (still waiting to hear back)

I know getting your first job in tech was hard but man is it brutal out there! Back when I first started to learn how to code, you would see plenty of junior developer roles available. Now, they're all mid to senior roles and mostly engineering or full stack.

A user did recommend for me to have an open mind to applying to non-coding jobs such as desktop support or QA. I'm definitely open to that even though, that too will be a pain in the ass to get. I don't mind starting from the bottom and working my way up to the top. I did, however, complete the Google Course on Coursera. All that is left for me to do is to get Comptia A+ certification. I know that won't help me to get a job but at least it's something. I was also looking up IT/desktop support jobs, and the certifications I'm seeing mostly are for Microsoft Azure, and Oracle. AWS certification won't hurt either. So I'll just have to go another route and see where that will take me.

But on a positive note, I have been getting help with my resume. My resume looks and sounds much better than before I had the help of fixing my resume. I know I will need to add more skills but eventually I will get to that. I'm still working on the Wix Make-A-SaaS Hackathon. The group project I am working on will be a great addition to my resume. Instead of working frontend (which is my comfort zone), I took the initiative to learn and work on the backend. I'll make sure to document how that project went.

Welp, this is now the second quarter of the year. Anything can happen!🤞🏾

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Mohamed Idris

Hello, Chantae, hope you're doing great and land your first job very soon!

If you don't mind, I have copied your resume and updated it a bit and made mine similar to yours, I liked its simplicity and clearance.. is it ok?

Also, I've found some useful advice that hope it help

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Chantae P.

Yeah sure go for it!

And thanks for the article. Very useful!

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hello try to increase number of job application, and try to build a network i mean find someone who could recommend you to the company he works in ... at the end i trust that you'll get it to keep trying, and best of luck god help you :)

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Chantae P.

Thank you for input. Even though networking is a pain, I understand now that that is very important.