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My Journey to getting my first tech job begins...

Hello DEV world!

The past few months, I have been spending time building projects and updating my resume and staying active on LinkedIn.

So far this year, I have been on a job hunt for my first tech job! So far it has been a bit disappointing. As of today, 1/15/2023, I have applied for 8 jobs.

Job search excel spreadsheet
Two of which I was not a great candidate for. And one, I did have an interview ( which shocked the hell out of me) but unfortunately did not move forward with the hiring manager. Even though I was not selected for any further interviews with that company, at least I'm getting noticed. So I guess that's a positive sign. But still, I am disappointed since the hiring team did say they were willing to teach and they hire ALL levels including juniors. The "introductory" interview went well, I have used majority of the tools they list on their job requirements. So I don't know 🤷🏾‍♀️ where things went wrong. But anywho, just need to move on and improve my skills.

During the job searching process, my goals are:

  • Finish the last React project from The Odin Project

  • Build ONE big project which will be my portfolio. That will take about one month minimum. I have too many projects and feel like a portfolio will be better.

  • And lastly, refresh my JavaScript skills on FreeCodeCamp and learn algorithms😩.

Since looking for a developer job as a self-taught developer can be a bit difficult, I figured this is the perfect opportunity to take you guys along my journey of all the ups and downs of looking for a job.

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Molly Grant

Ohhh, I remember when I was looking for my first tech job. It was exciting and even hard, a new experience. My friend helped me, he advised me to look for vacancies here and I succeeded. Still working with that company) I advise you to try

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Chantae P.

I never heard of ibench. I'll make sure to look into it. Thanks alot!

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