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Month 3 of Job Searching😫

Hello Dev Community, it's me again!

Giving an update on my job search. Well so far, nothing yet. I have applied for 10 jobs in February. Half of which are non-tech jobs.I figured might as well apply for any job I see fit to make some money until I get the job I really want. So I'll see how that will go.

I have also started working on my portfolio😁. To build my portfolio, I am using Next.js, TailwindCSS and Framer Motion. So far everything is going well. I have to finish the 'Projects' page and make a mobile navigation menu and should be done with it hopefully next week.

And lastly, I have found a wix hackathon that seems interesting and says is beginner friendly. I will probably join if I can find some group members. If not I'll just work on it solo. So if anyone wants to join me, leave a comment down below👇🏾.

Other than that, nothing new. The goals I have for this month are:

  • Finish my portfolio

  • Join the hackathon

  • And if I see any jobs that are interesting, I'll apply. Other than that, not going to focus too much on my job searching this month.

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