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Help with React Router 😫

** Update: as of 1/25 I fixed the issue!!!! I had to add the 'basename' attribute to BrowserRouter:**

 <BrowserRouter basename="/shopping_cart">
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Here's the live site

I am currently working on The Odin Projects "Shopping Cart" Assignment. Right now I am stuck on the Router section.

When I'm opening the project in VS code and using npm start to launch the application, this is how my screen looks:
When first opening the web application and this is my terminal after entering npm start
starting the application

For me to access the home page, I need to edit the url like so:
After manually removing 'shopping cart' from the URL

I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong but still don't understand what's going on. Here's my github repository. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Gisele Leonardi

That's because on your package.json the homepage attribute is set with "/shopping_cart". Remove that and it should work just fine.

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Chantae P.

Thank you for responding!
I did try removing the '/shopping_cart' from the homepage attribute. It DID work when I'm building the project. But when I push my changes to github, the page is still blank.
Here's the live site with the changes made.