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Discussion on: What was your mistakes in your career path?

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Chantae P.

For my, it's not taking coding seriously from day one. I was fired from my retail job in 2019. Since then I've started my coding journey. Unfortunately in the beginning, I made the mistake of jumping from language to language hoping to find a language that's "easier" to learn. I've also wasted time in "tutorial hell". I'd basically just follow along with the instructor instead of trying things out for myself and doing my research. And of course not building projects outside of the course. Huge mistake right there.

Fast forward to now, although my skills aren't perfect, I'm finally getting better at HTML and CSS by building real projects. I do rely on tutorials but not as much as before. I'm also joining meetups and networking from time to time.

Sometimes I beat myself up for wasting so much time because if I was doing what I'm doing now, back when I started my coding journey, I would have had a job by now.

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Ali Navidi Author

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