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Modern Python with Poetry

The intended audience here is advanced beginners. Maybe you've taken a Python course, or completed a tutorial. Maybe you have a basic, but solid understanding of the language. Maybe you have a Python script in place that does work for you. Great!

Now what? How do we move that understanding into real, working software?

In this series, we will be working with Python 3. Poetry requires at least Python 3.8.


Pipx is a package manager that distributes Python code.

I am on a Mac, so I can install Pipx via Brew:

brew install pipx
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Poetry is a tool for dependency management and packaging. Traditionally a tool called virtualenv has been the standard in Python, but it seems like that is transitioning from requirements.txt to pyproject.toml.

pipx install poetry
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Poetry provides some really great documentation to help get you started.
In this series, we will be using Poetry because it has a modern interface that adheres to the pyproject.toml standard. It will also enable us to learn how to take our Python projects from a beginner's script to a complete package.

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