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I made a website which helps you find interesting open source projects

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Project page: https://opensourceappfinder.coders.party

Source code: https://github.com/dhst1211/opensourceappfinder

This is a project that helps you find open source projects you want to use and contribute to next time.
I made this website because I found that there are lots of open source apps that can be used in everyday life. Also, I heard that the best way to start contributing to open source is by choosing the projects you actually use, so by discovering apps you want to use, you can increase the chance to contribute to open source.

You can filter projects by language and category, which means you can search the project that uses your favorite language and sparks your interests(perfect match!).
This website only includes apps and excludes libraries because I thought it is easier to use and read codebase. And you can explore the libraries the project uses later on.

There are apparent bugs but I decided to make this public now because my focus has shifted to different things.
I have always felt that it is difficult to find an open source that is right for you to contribute, so I hope this helps your first open source contribution!

Tech stack

  • React
  • Redux
  • node
  • Express
  • Material-ui
  • postgres

Update(April 4)
Thanks for your feedback! At first, I was wondering if I should make this project public or throw it away. So I didn’t expect that many people visit this post and project.
I want to see your half-done/abandoned project next time😀

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Editor guide

How do you add projects to the website?


Currently, I just handpick projects and save information to DB manually. So data will be stale if I don’t periodically update the data. I really want to automate the process in the future.


If i have a project can i give you details for consideration? (btw XD google forms might work great!)

If you can share github links to your project and which category your project belongs to, I am happy to include it! (But because this project focuses on the stand-alone app and website, I might reject plugin/library)
Just share here or PM me.

Sorry that I have a problem with the internal script. I will let you know again when I solved the problem and registered your repo.


I like the idea.

But it seems that the search is not working well. I've tested the following :

  • C# w/ 100 stars minimum : small number of results showed up
  • Same with Typescript but w/ 10000 stars minimum

Thanks. Yes, some search functions have bugs. I will try to fix them gradually if this project keeps getting traffic.


Like the project. In your next iteration, could you add a filter for last commit? I’d love to hone down on projects that are currently maintained.


Thank you! Yeah, that would be useful. I will prioritize the feature when I resume developing the project.


Wow, great loading optimization!


Thanks! This is just because the website blindly loads all data at initial loading.
It would not have been possible without react-window. I remember the library shortened the initial loading speed by 3-5 seconds.