Do you pay for the photos you use as cover?

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I have noticed that lots of you here on use cover photos on your articles. Do you own or pay for those photos and do you credit the creator? (you should).

What is's policy on copyrights?

P.S. I only use my own photographs for my articles.

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I usually use photos from free stock image sites like unsplash or my own photos.


I almost exclusively use my own photos. If not, I look for CC photos on Flickr and mention the artist at the end of the article (like there).


I use, unsplash and always give the referral link to the artist or I have some of my own which are usually screenshots or animated GIFs I made. Not sure how you credit an animated gif from


From the giphy terms of service:

You own all content you contribute to the Services, but you’re ok with Giphy using it in connection with its Services. Public Information is public, so don’t include any private or sensitive information in any public part of the Services.

I seriously doubt that giphy content is owned by whoever uploads it to giphy 🙄.


Maybe in cases of fair use. Like, my favorite giphy user is Swear Trek


I always check the license. Sometimes they're completely free, sometimes they're under CC-BY.

What is's policy on copyrights?

That's probably US law. No need for additional policies.


Nope, I look for royalty free photos or those that can be used as for non commercial purposes with proper attribution." is a great source.


I use unsplash for cover photos here (though I rarely add one) or backgrounds for Trello boards.

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