Error: Request failed with status code 400 [expo-cli]

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Logout from expo-cli and log in again


Yesterday I had an issue with expo-cli. I was testing some stuff on my phone and everything was great. I have used expo start to preview. After a few moments I kept expo-cli running and put my computer to sleep. A few hours later I've tried to preview the project following the same steps, which threw the error shown here
expo cli error message

Error: Request failed with status code 400

The issue seemed to be caused by axios. I have tried everything. I mean everything.
Removed all api calls, no help.
Reinstall expo, no help.
Reinstall expo-cli, no help.

I have almost started pulling my hair and then out of thin air I have come up with this idea which is explained down below.

I am not sure but I think this error was caused because I have left the expo-cli open.

I won't dive deep into the details here because I am mostly certain that this error is because of expo-cli itself.

Well, I have found some solutions for the issue but non of them worked for me.

Here's how I solved the issue


Just log out from expo-cli and log in again. That's just it

More detailed approach of the solution

After start expo with expo start in the terminal you see an output like this
the screen after running expo start

expo-cli preview mode info screen

You can press question mark ? here to open the list of commands
expo cli available commands

Available commands of expo-cli in preview

From here you need to hit s to log out.
Then you can hit s to log in again.

Now you won't get the same error.

That was the solution for me. If you have any better ideas or solutions, feel free to write down below.



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