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Hugo - sending hugs you really feel - Finishing touches

So here we are, as of writing this post, I finally finished my submission. 🎉

The past posts have all been written today, because I did not have time to write them in the past. But I hope you enjoyed them nevertheless!

So here are some things I've been working on!

Issue nr.1 WebKit doesn't support the vibration API 📵

Well this is a bummer.
This really upset me the first time I read about it, but it didn't stop me from finding a workaround.
As you could see in the mockups there is a little checkbox saying "play sound instead of vibrating".
sound play checkbox
I initially intended to have this feature only available for desktops where vibration is not possible, but in the end I decided it should be available on all devices.
I also placed a warning each time an unsupported browser is being used.
vibration not supported alert

Issue nr.2 People can't find the hug making page from the view page 🔎

I sent hugs to some of my friends, to test out if everything worked fine. Turns out, they couldn't figure out how to send a new hug, because there wasn't any indication of how to get to that page.
This was of course all my mistake, but I fixed it by placing buttons on the view page.
additional buttons added
And just like that, you can get to the maker from every page, so I hope the number of sent hugs will increase. 🤗

Aaand the end. Or is it? 🤔

The application is available from here and I think even if I buy a domain for it, or change hosting, I will still keep this link active.

As of what comes after this, I don't know. I want to see what the reaction of the public is, because I think this has potential. This is my first project that actually more people could use, so I'm really excited to see how this turns out.

If you like the idea, the execution, or you just want to help me get my first app out there, go on and send a hug!

It's free, it's cute, and your loved ones will surely love it! ❤

P.S. As I did in my other posts, here is another hug, this time it's made with Hugo, and it never expires 💕

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