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My Habit Tracker

software dev at a consultancy, building front-end solutions; learning AWS;
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Started working on this habit tracker application which will help me and my friend (who is a UI/UX designer & user researcher) to track our habits in an extremely simple way. And hopefully extract useful information out of the data.

The MVP is very simple:

  • User is able the add any number of habits and categorise them
  • User is able to perform any of those habits at any time
  • User will see the list of performed habits

Starting with a website approach at the beginning and looking into transforming it into a PWA for offline accessibility and app like experience.

Technologies that I use is create-react-app which helps me build a React app with Hooks. Hosting the site in an AWS S3 bucket to start with and will use AWS Lambda for handling back-end business logic.

Planning on using MongoDB in order to store the data that we capture. A NoSQL database will do the job in our situation because we want to use the app as soon as possible to capture data as early as we can, but the data structure will change and because of this flexibility is key.

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Tirta Keniten

nice app you have there. I have same idea for habit tracker. May be we could work together.

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Szabi Author

Good to know that there are like minded people out there! Will be posting as I get closer and closer to having MVP done.

You can already see how far did I get to on this GitHub repo: