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AWS - Admin User

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Started to use AWS in order to create back-end services for My Habit Tracker application. An informative article described that it's not a good practice to use your Root User to execute daily tasks in AWS Console.

So I created an IAM User, which I'm going to login with to work on my cloud solution for the application.

First I wanted to create a Role which has AdministratorAccess permissions and make my IAM User to assume that role, but it seemed a bit overkill as it's in the same account. I ended up creating a IAM Group called AdminGroup and attached the AdministratorAccess policy, then added my previously created IAM User to the group.

Finally I just needed to add an Account Alias so that I don't need to remember my 12 digit Account ID all the time. An account alias is also useful to make your login link a bit user friendly.

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