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GitHub profile of the day: Giuseppe Di Terlizzi (using CodersRank)

I bumped into the GitHub profile of Giuseppe Di Terlizzi (giterlizzi) while doing my research for the other series I run about GitHub Sponsors:

I wanted to see if there are Perl developers who receive money via GitHub profiles. So I went to the recent CPAN releases page on the CPAN Digger and visited the GitHub account of the authors of the most recent releases. That's how I bumped into GDT.

giterlizzi (Giuseppe Di Terlizzi) · GitHub

IT Senior Security Consultant & Full Stack Developer - giterlizzi


The new thing I saw in his profile was a graph generated by CodersRank that shows the distribution of languages he used throughout the years.

I jumped on the opportunity and created an account so I'll also have such a nice graph, but there was an error while creating my account. So I can't see that graph yet. 😞

Sponsor Giuseppe Di Terlizzi

Let's use this opportunity and recommend you to sponsor Giuseppe.

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