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CPAN Rocks

Perl and CPAN

I don't remember seeing CPAN Rocks, but it is really nice and very much related to my recent toy the CPAN::Digger.

Especially interesting to me is that 67.7% of the modules don't indicate their VCS in their META files. According to the MetaCPAN stats on PerlWeekly 20-25% of the recently uploaded packages lack that information.

The other one is that 31.0% of the packages have no license information in the META file. (I should add the same stats to the Weekly stats in the Perl Weekly page.)

Python and PyPI

Let's compare that to the partial data I am collection on the PyDigger site about Python.

It says 31.29% of the PyPI packages have no link to VCS and 24.73% have no license in their JSON file. The numbers are based on packages uploaded in the last couple of years. So its' neither "all of them" nor the "last week". So they are not directly comparable to the numbers in Perl, but that's what I have now.

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