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How to Redact PDF Documents in .NET using the PDF Library

Learn how to redact PDF documents in a console app using the Syncfusion .NET PDF library. This video demonstrates how to redact PDF content from PDF documents, apply fill color to the redacted area, and display text and images on the redacted area. Redacting a PDF is the process of obscuring or removing sensitive or confidential information from PDF documents.

Syncfusion’s .NET PDF library provides an easy way to redact PDF using C#. Syncfusion PDF Library helps customers reach GDPR compliance by safely removing customer information from a PDF document. You can now distribute files securely by permanently removing or obscuring confidential information such as financial account numbers, social security numbers, customer email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card information.

The PDF redaction feature is also available in WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET Web Forms, and ASP.NET MVC. The Syncfusion PDF library provides customization options for the redacted area, so you can use colored boxes or leave the area blank. You can specify custom text or redaction codes to appear over the redacted area.

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