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Whack-a-Mole meets Coronavirus

sylviapap profile image Sylvia Pap Updated on ・1 min read


This is a stressful time. Coronavirus is everywhere, and a very serious threat, but if you're looking for a fun semi-distraction, check out this cool game my partner and I made for a coding bootcamp JavaScript project!

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It is basically whack-a-mole with viruses. Click here to play.

We are full-stack web development students with Flatiron School in San Francisco. For our vanilla JavaScript project, my partner and I made this simple game. Our full version includes a backend and user save functionality, but the following version is just a simple frontend demo until we host backend. We are also hoping to expand this to include things like, for example, helpful facts about Coronavirus/COVID-19/social distancing/health tips that appear throughout the game.

We hope you enjoy! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Links to code:

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Sylvia Pap Author

I can't tell if this is spam advertising, but just so we're all clear, I made this blog post to show off a project I made at a coding bootcamp, not to promote a legitimate/original game

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Swayam Samyak Debasis

The gameplay was good but the selection of colors in the front end should be changed a little bit in my opinion.Good luck.

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Akash Preet

Good work, simple and cool :-)