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What is the Difference Between AI and Machine Learning?

There are several things which you feel are the same or similar, but in actual they have several differences in them. Today we are going to talk about one such item, which a lot of people think are similar or almost the same but are not. The things we are going to discuss Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning. I am sure that there would still be some people saying that they both are the same, but there are several differences between these things. With the help of this article, let us have a look at both of these things, their differences, similarities and many more such things.

All about AI

Artificial Intelligence is the ability that has been provided to computer systems with the help of which a computer device can work on its own without taking any help from a human or other outer sources. A lot of AI tools and frameworks are there to help us in the development. Three processes take place in the case of AI those are as follows-

  • Learning- Before being able to work on its own first, AI is made to learn several things. In this learning process, you can make an AI system remember several things and you can modify the data according to your use.
  • Reasoning- With the help of AI, your system would be able to do the reasoning process on its own. Which means if your system is set to solve mathematical problems. Then based on its reasoning capabilities, you would be able to get the correct answer to your mathematical questions quickly. Not only mathematical but AI can handle various other types of reasoning processes.
  • Self-Correction- As we know that no one is correct; at some point, we all make some errors and mistakes. So the AI system does not make any error or mistake in its processes or solution, it always follows the self-correction and self-enhancement feature.

This was all about the processes that take place during the working of the AI system. Let us now have a look at some places where AI is being used extensively nowadays.

  • Smartphone industry- AI is being used in the smartphone industry extensively. As you must have noticed features such as facial recognition, voice recognition, smart hubs, and many more such things, all these things are introduced with the help of AI only.
  • Factories- Several factories are using AI systems and robots for various processes such as production, manufacturing and many more.
  • Automobile industry- We all heard about self-driven cars; this has also become possible because of AI. Moreover, there are many more features that are available to us just because of AI.

Although there are many more uses of AI, the above-listed are some of them.

All about machine learning

Machine learning is an essential part of AI. With the help of machine learning, AI can learn new things and hence able to enhance itself with the help of learning experience. Machine learning works in two significant steps; those are as follows-

  • Accessing and learning from data- Machine learning first fetches data from various sources, with the help of which it learns several things from that data. This data can be about anything, as you can select data according to the type of work you need the system for.
  • Using data and enhancing it- Once the machine learning system has learned various processes from that data. The next work would be to use that data, and you would love to hear that the working process keeps on enhancing with the help of work experience.

This was all about the working of machine learning, let us now have a look at some uses of machine learning-

  • Personal assistants- Nowadays everyone uses the personal assistants of their smart devices, such as Siri, Alexa, Google Now and many more, with the help of which they can make their life a little bit more accessible and easier. These personal assistants work based on machine learning, as it first access data, then uses it for daily benefits.
  • Social media services- With the help of machine learning, we can get targeted ads based on our interests. You must have noticed ads and posts of your interest, people you may know section and many more such things.

These were some of the uses of machine learning.

Difference between AI and Machine learning

We have already mentioned above that Machine learning is a part of AI, but let us have a look at the differences that we can find between AI and Machine Learning.

  • Applying knowledge- AI works by collecting data from various sources after which it also applies that knowledge and data. While in the case of machine learning, the only work you would be able to get is the collection of data.
  • Enhanced accuracy- With AI, you would be able to increase the rate of success in any of the work handled by it. While in the case of machine learning, you would be able to increase the accuracy, not the chances of success.
  • Not a computer program- AI is a computer program because of which it can work with higher efficiency. But in the case of machine learning, it is a simple concept, in which it fetches data and learn from it.
  • Problem-solving- The primary goal of AI is to make a system able to solve highly complex problems too. While the purpose of machine learning is to enhance the performance of a system.
  • Decision making- You must have noticed that AI is decision making, but machine learning is a kind of system which learns new things from data only.
  • Optimal solution- With the help of AI, you would be able to get an optimal solution for your problems. While in the case of machine learning, you will get a simple answer, no matter if it is optimal or not.

This was all about the differences between AI and Machine learning.


Here we have come to the end of this article in which we focused on the differences between AI and Machine learning. Several people thought that both the terms are similar, but with the help of this article, they would be able to know everything about AI and Machine learning and hence would be able to become aware of the differences between these two terms thoroughly.

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