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Do Good Daily Day 4

📅 09/15/2019
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✅ Today's goal: Write this blog post

My PIC made some epic designs today

The best thing about being on a side project team with a designer is that even when you're shoveling rocks from your driveway into a wheel barrow and then dumping them in your backyard to make your wife happy, he still gets stuff done on the app 👍

That's what happened today. I would share the designs with you because they're really good, but I'll wait until I have them implemented in swiftUI because this is not

Alright I'll show one here because this post is kind of light

picture of ben franklin with a quote from his auto biography

The design is unlike most apps on the app store, it's actually got me kind of excited to get this out there and see if it helps anyone besides the two of us.

This next week is do or die time, either a lot of progress will be made or this thing is not launching on Sept. 30th. Hopefully I'll be at it bright and early tomorrow morning and knock some of these great designs out of the park in an hour 😅

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

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