React Developers - what do you use to make your app SEO friendly?

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SEO for JavaScript Single Page Applications is a hot discussed topic.

Even though Google claims to be able to properly index JavaScript SPAs, the other search engines barely do.

There seems to be 3 general approaches for solving it:

  • doing Server Side Rendering (SSR), on your own or with a dedicated framework
  • making your website/app static (if possible)
  • serving a pre-rendered version of your app to the crawlers, again: on your own or using a service for it

Which method do you use and advocate for? What problems do you see with the other solutions?

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Maybe to start off the discussion, at SwissDev Jobs we are using a pre-rendering service called to serve static HTML pages to the crawlers.


  • easy to setup (as a middleware)
  • does not impact the overall setup


  • paid service (free tier up to 200 pages)
  • (?)

Overall it seems to be a nice quick solution, unless we are missing something from the SEO perspective but even Google seems to be fine with this approach:


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Thank you for the clarification :)

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