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Why I code

Reasons why I code

  • I had a bot idea
  • Use tools to solve problems
  • Create some neat things like web apps/sites
  • Do something that not many others can do

The Bot Idea

In 2017 I became a very active user of Discord, and with that I was led to find myself interacting with bots of all sorts. Something that would talk with you, some that would pull information down for a game, or just a basic calculator.

About a year later after messing with several bots I decided to create my own and I was onto the self-taught coding path.

I was able gain a reasonable understanding of Python and took to the library for coding my bot. I learned many things along the way. Throughout this journey I was able to talk with my peers and users of the bot in how it would better serve them, and with that I was able to bring the bot into a more usable state with the server I was the admin of.

Problem Solving

I enjoy figuring out hard problems. To fantasize, I came across the Millennium Prize Problems, which are much harder to figure than I could ever hope to but was fun to read. These problems are some of the world's hardest to solve and only 1 out of the 7 have been solved.

With that said, when I hear someone telling me about how they wish they need to have a website created I can immediately reply with "how soon?".

Listening to their needs and being able to write the code required to meet these needs gives me a ton of joy when I find they are happy with what I have built for them.

Creating Apps

The feeling of creating a web page that has interactivity and good presentation makes me want to start a whole new project so that I can get the same feeling over and over again.

Not all apps are fully featured which gives it some novelty and becomes humbling when HTML/CSS can look and feel better than some older React projects.

Special Skills

Coding is definitely something not everyone will attempt or continue if they do. Coding has given me opportunities not only with creating code projects, but also a new way to look at reality.

Perhaps it's a little fantastic to think about coding as magic, but I've thought this way ever since my first "Hello World".

Creating automation and working with Machine Learning is where I would like to end up someday, creating the thing that will be able to think for you.

I have many aspirations ahead of myself, and through code I will see how far that can get me.

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