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Bootcamp vs self-taught

Learning to code take discipline, and a lot of reading. I first started learning how to code during a college course that wasn't even focused on code, but was still taught to understand the main idea of programming logic with a language.

Python was the language in question and after taking this course I went on my own to learn more about the language and how to use a programming language. This was hard for me since I was left alone not knowing which way to go or how to pick up techniques to use.

Bootcamp Learning

This was about the time that I decided that I needed to have a structure learning path to get me ready for what a job may need from a developer.

While most concepts taught in coding bootcamps involve a programming language or two, the major takeaway during a coding bootcamp is learning how to learning.

This is the most powerful tool any developer can have as the language or framework they work with is just the tool. Tools have instruction manuals, and programming languages have documentation.

Documentation is extensive for any language or framework and is where most programming starts when learning a new technology.

As most programming languages can be used the same way, just with different syntax, learning why different technologies exists becomes the real question.

Whether it a web application, embedded system software, mobile development or systems software, a different technology exists for the proficiency that they excel at.

This is the main point of any bootcamp for someone just starting out learning how to code.

Self-taught coder

Being a self-taught coder myself, many struggles are felt early on with not knowing which way to go or how to even start a project.

Not having the knowledge of how to use any programming language is only the first barrier. After that, its knowing what language to use and why.

Many programs exist to help self-taught learning and built knowledge enough to do something with, but fall flat when it comes time to choose a project and how to progress or even where to start.

Without being guided through simple exercises like implementing CRUD functions for a web app, or centering a <div> it may be difficult at first where the best place to start is.

Through extra learning and reading up on code projects in active and open development can help build up enough knowledge. This can help implement simple tasks which build into scalable projects later on through trial and error.


Being a self-taught programming can have tough, but learning from a fast pace code bootcamp can fly by so quickly that it may be hard to pick up the concept of building a project.

Learning where to start a project and how to use a particular technology will be the largest hurdle to overcome in the beginning and will eventually be a constant learning experience.

In the end, no matter how a developer started as a self-taught, bootcamper, or even a university student, all paths while learning how to be a programmer eventually become a self-taught route.

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