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Why did I decide to study Software Engineering?

I have always been interested in how computer programmers do their job. I have always thought of it as a kind of superpower to make a machine do something on its own. I never thought to learn how to program anything until a few years back when I discovered Discord, a communication platform that included bots. I was fascinated by the functions a bot could perform and how useful they were to the moderation of a server. I was moderating a server manually with a friend and thought to bring in a bot to help us out. The problem was the bots on the list were not able to do what I wanted. In a specific manner, having the bot give me a "super" role to make me appear as though I was the top-level moderator within the server. This would allow for any others within the server to know they can send a message or @mention me a little easier. Since there wasn't a bot to do this, I decided to jump in and learn how to code and program my own bot. I began learning Python from a couple of classes at the local college to get me started with basic syntax and figuring out errors. Next, I went to YouTube to learn a little bit more and learn how libraries work. I was then able to start doing trial and error with my own code and create commands that I have been able to use.

The reason why I have decided to study Software Engineering can be summed down to my work ethic. I have always felt that if there was a job needing to be done that nobody was willing to do, I would be the one to do it as a volunteer. Programming anything is no small task and that's something that will continue to drive to learn more about code and using language to create applications for a job function (or just for fun).

As such, I'm not in a career that I'm very proud of, working manual labor, and have been looking forward to a career that I can be put in a position to help others or create better options in the future. I have been planning on studying more into Computer Science eventually leading into Machine Learning, with the study of A.I., and be part of the creation of machines that can think for themselves. Creating A.I. is not a driving factor for me, but more that fact that the job is successfully completed.

So far I have enjoyed the bot application I have created and want to do more with this newfound ability and have requested friends and family with ideas of "things" that I could use towards a project. One such project includes creating a mobile app for a table-top board/card game to function as an inventory tracker. More is planned to come later, but the basic function of being a counter sounds like an easy enough task.

I aspire to have bigger ideas brought to me in the future and that I why I study Software Engineering.

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